6719 West Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214, US

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Life is a Red Herring for Art

Life is a Red Herring for Art

Life is a Red Herring for ArtLife is a Red Herring for ArtLife is a Red Herring for Art

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Your Mentor said

"Buy the best you can afford."

Specially Curated

Selections of paint, paper, fine Asian Brushes, and other materials designed to bring the supplies you use to West Colfax.  Good art starts with good materials.

Trending and Traditional

We like manufactures that balance new and quirky with heart and history, 


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We recently added Richeson Soft Pastels and interlocking bristle brushes for oil and arcylic paints!

Red Herring Art & Supply

6719 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80214, United States

(720) 427-5339




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Red Herring Art & Supply and the Gallery of Everything

Additional Information

Red Herring Art & Supply won't be here if it weren't for our friends.  

Like Bill and Kevin - who introduced us to Judy. 

Judy, Lauri, and Toni owned the Gallery of Everything and were moving into a new space.  They agreed to give us about 100 square feet in the back corner to sell Rublev Artist Oil paint, Asian Brushes and a few other art supplies.    As Red Herring Art Supply sales increased the Gallery of Everything gave us a little more space.  And then a little more space.   

We needed more space because you all supported us!  You recommended your favorite paints, papers, brushes, and inks.   You continue to support us by shopping local!  

Lauri and Toni moved on to other projects.  And Judy started talking about how her RV was getting dusty from a lack of use.  In May 2019, Judy retired, after over 40 years in the business of selling art, novelties, and antiques.  

Which is how Red Herring Art Supply became Red Herring Art & Supply.   The "&" was inserted to show that we had both art and the supplies to make art.  

The name Gallery of Everything is going away.   But we will continue the tradition of consignment agreements with local artists.   We still encourage the muse with antiques and collectables.   In fact, even though there are changes in displays, and more space dedicated to art supplies, you might not really notice a big difference in the shop.   

Oh yeah, and we still make Judy's Sangria recipe for First Fridays.