Sumi-e, Manga, Shodo, Calligraphy




by Richard Eversley, 9 x 12 feet


Kaze - Wind, monotype with Calligraphy, by Mamiko Ikeda

Four Treasures of the Study

The Brush



Ink Stone

The Tools

Fine Writing Brushes

Fine writing brushes from Japan, China, and Korea.  Various hairs with bamboo, wood, plastic, and ceramic handles.

Painting Brushes

Brushes that are beautiful and inspiring.   Various hairs or feathers with wood, bamboo, or horn handles.  Pictured is a brush of feathers with horn handle.  

Performance Sized Shodo

From 24 to 55 inches.  Horse, goat, or imitation hair with wood handles.  

Ink Stones and Ink

Bottled sumi ink from Japan, 2 oz to 64 oz.  Japanese vermillion available in 2 and 5 oz bottles.  We also carry three grades of traditional Chinese made ink sticks.  

Brush Rests and Paper Weights

Stone paper weights with turtles, wooden dragons, wood and ceramic mountains.

Brush Holders

Small cloisonne, and two sizes of bamboo brush holders.  (brushes sold separately)

Tools to practice impermanence

Sidewalk Brushes

For use with water on the sidewalk.  Practice the gentle art of impermanence.  Telescoping Handle.

Magic Paper

Practice kanji or brush strokes on either a printed grid or blank water-reactive cloth.