Al and Goldie have adventures

Al and Bob


One of Al's favorite pictures.  Bob (1961-2018) was a journalist and historian with a collection of puppets and other talking bits of felt.   He helped pick the shop's name, wrote copy, and moved boxes while teaching Al about Elvis gospel tunes and Australian cricket stars.  That's a high level of quirk to live up to.  RIP.

Benjamin Disraeli


 "Success is the child of audacity."  Don't worry Al didn't climb the statue at Hughenden Manor, rather an amused guard placed him there.



Visiting with Aunt Lori in Scotland during the Brexit vote, Al was allowed to stay up late to watch the results.

Joe T. Garcias


Fort Worth, Texas.  That's a lot of food for a little fish!

Uxbridge Flowers


London, England.  

Jack Sparrow-Hunter


Lakewood, Colorado.  A pretty scary work of art from Al's viewpoint.